About Us

QQQTrading.com, LLC is a leading professional financial service that provides profitable trading signals for the Nasdaq-100 tracking stock (QQQ). Our primary objective is to help money managers, investors, and traders increase their capital in a low-risk/high-reward manner in both bullish and bearish markets.

Many financial advisors (FAs) invest their client's assets using the Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT). MPT is a theory of finance which attempts to maximize portfolio expected return for a given amount of portfolio risk, or equivalently minimize risk for a given level of expected return, by carefully choosing the proportions of various assets. Although MPT is widely used in practice in the financial industry, in recent years the basic assumptions of MPT have been widely challenged by fields such as behavioral economics. One reason is due to the major fluctuations of the stock and bond markets. When both of these major entities are performing poorly, investors will be at high risk using this concept.

In nearly all portfolios of the MPT, a certain percentage is diversified in the Invesco QQQ Trust (QQQ). This stock, like all stocks, will always fluctuate over time. Trying to determine its price at any given moment based on economic conditions or fundamental analysis is nearly impossible. We have designed a system for trading QQQ with results that consistently outperform the buy-and-hold strategy of investing.

Our chief technical chart analyst and developer of the service is Robert W. Dillon, Ph.D. Robert holds a masters and doctorate degree in the fields of Geology and Geophysics from the Missouri University of Science & Technology. He has over 30 years of experience trading the stock market and specializes in technical analysis. Robert has a vast amount of experience in interpretation of highly complex charts. He is also a master fingerstyle guitarist. The combination of his scientific and creative abilities with the stock market using technical analysis, gives him a pure analytical advantage over traditional strategies used by money managers. Due to his success in the financial world, he became semi-retired at the age of 41 and has been providing financial guidance to his customers since year 2001.

Robert holds the highest level of ethical standards and avoids any conflicts of interest. Robert has tested & experimented with almost every style of technical trading. He has extensively traded the market and experienced every imaginable technical and emotional situation. He has watched the markets change from cold calling to open-outcry and speed dialed phones to high-frequency trading and the dominance of the Algos, not to mention what goes on behind the scenes not available to the public. Through all of that, the greatest teacher of course, is the market itself. And while the speed and method of execution may change, the fundamental truths that underly technical analysis remain the same. Fear and greed reflected in crowd dynamics are always represented within a simple price vs. time chart.

Trading signals may be provided to Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) who manage Assets Under Management (AUM) on a contract basis. Performance results are independently verified by TimerTrac.

Dr. Dillon is not a registered or licensed investment advisor or broker-dealer. His clients are individual investors and professional investment advisors. He has many financial advisors and money managers who use his trading signals for their clients. All returns are published on the site.