Our Returns

Year 2019 Results YTD (End of Month Close: 11/29/19): Our methodology is performing well in Year 2019. Members have profited +10.7% YTD in the Aggressive Model. We are on pace for a +12% return in 2019. We are performing subpar to other years due to a tremendous amount of whipsawing experienced between April through September. When the market is trending, we have always captured those gains. Our returns are based on 'real-time' applications of the trading environment for QQQ and are not hypothetically generated after the fact.

Year 2018 Results (Close 12/31/18): Our service performed outstanding in Year 2018 and members profited +38.5% Aggressive Model, +6.9% Moderate Model, and +10.0% Conservative Model. The buy-and-hold strategy declined -0.6%. We continue to lead all other QQQ advisory services.

Our performance returns are independently verified by TimerTrac.

Detailed Trades of our Track Record are shown on the Members page in both Excel and PDF format.
Trades within the last 30 days are provided to members only.

As shown on the chart below, a member who traded using our Aggressive Model and started with $100,000 on January 1, 2005 to the end of 2018, would have increased their savings to $2,327,440. For the same time period, the buy-and-hold strategy of investing would have only increased to $426,601. These results do not include returns made during year 2019.

Our compounded rate of return (CAGR) ranges from +13 to +25% depending on the selected model (Aggressive, Moderate, and Conservative). All models have outperformed the buy-and-hold strategy of investing.

Yearly Summary